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Winter 2017 Capsule Collection

This Winter at Hanout Boutique the inspiration is clearly taken from vintage  kilims and beautiful silk brocardes.

A Black leather Jacket embellished with a fabulous berber rug showcase the artistery of the Atlas mountains tribes  and at Hanout Boutique we are proud and passionnate about our  Moroccan heritage.

Then came the Gold Cape cut into a dramatic Gold Brocarde and the result is a stnning piece of clothing .

The Leather handbag embroided and decorated with a Tassel is a lovely addition to our accessories collection.

The Nezha Jumper here photographed in Bordeau is a hand knitted mix of leather and wool and comes in lot of differents colours.

We are very happy with this Capsule collection photographed in this wonderful Riad interior (villafilali) villa with plaster work and Zelig ( Moroccan tiles) giving an other glimpse of the Moroccan artistery.


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Le Ramadan se termine demain et tout le long de ce mois j’ai fait une fixation sur les djellabas.On en voit beaucoups pendant ce mois et pourtant je n’arrive pas vraiment à aimer ce que je vois.

Je suis tombée recement sur cette vieille photo de mes parents .La vision de mes deux géniteurs beaux et souriants m’attendris . je ne peux ignorer la tenue de ma mère.

La coupe plutôt masculine de la djellaba, le joli sac  et les cheveux courts de ma maman sont d’un chic intemporel.

Bonne fête.



Ramadan ends tomorow and all along this month i have obsessed about djellabas which is widly worn during this month.

Looking and not liking very much what I see around me.

I then saw this old picture of my parents and although seeing them so handsome and young made me feel slightly emotional I could not take my eyes from my mum’s outfit.

the djellaba’s masculine cut, the lovely hand bag and my mum’s short hair cut gives this outfit a timeless chic.